“Video Highlights” for quinceanera events


If you’re having a quinceanera event soon and have video on the mind, that’s great! Quinceanera videographers are fantastic because they have the ability to capture your quinceanera in a whole different way than your photographer will. It will certainly add an entirely new element to documenting your quinceanera day. Let’s assume you’ve already done your research and decide to choose our services for your quinceanera video. Even after that, there are still some things that you will need to discuss with us in order to ensure that you’ll be happy with both, our part in the quinceanera day and the final quinceanera video production or delivered product.

Here’s what you should discuss with us before making the final decision to purchase a video option for your quinceanera event:


Highlight Video

Typically, quinceanera videographers will offer couples either a “highlight film” or a “feature film”. It’s very, very important to understand the difference between these two options. A “Highlights Quinceanera Video” is just what it sounds like: a little video of the highlights of your quinceanera and reception. These are typically around 5  to 9 minutes long, and these are the types of videos that you’ll post to social media or email your family members. This video will only include snippets of the day, and not full segments. Please note that “Quinceanera Highlight Videos” are the only ones we offer.


The Music

The music that will be used in the “Quinceanera Highlights Video” is something that many families completely do not discuss with their videographer, and then they regret it when they see their video. After all, music can make or break your memory film.

If you have certain music in mind for your video (and many families do), ask the quinceanera videographer if he or she will allow you to use it. If you don’t have a preference, be sure to ask what music we will probably use. If you don’t like it, that is very important. Ask if they have music you can choose from, or what the process for music selection is. Whatever needs to happen in order for you to know what music will be used, make sure it happens before the videographer edit the video. Otherwise you may be unhappy with the vibe of the film.


Delivery Date

Sometimes great work takes time, but we understand you don’t want to be waiting for your quinceanera video for long. It can take especially long if you’re event is on the “high season” (late spring through early fall).

Be sure to ask us what the turnaround time will be.


The Raw Footage

If you want your raw footage that the videographer shoots, be sure to ask us for it. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t provide you this, and it will not cost anything extra. Many families enjoy having their raw footage because they may end up re-editing it later. Please keep in mind that we are only shooting for a “Quinceanera Highlight Video” and there might not be a full sequential video or dialogue.


Don’t Forget The Contract

As always — and as with any professional company  — be sure to get everything you’ve agreed upon in writing. We always give you a final invoice with the contract and a breakdown with price and description of everything that will be provided.

Our agreements often cover things like replacements if the videographer gets sick or can’t make it, deadlines, overtime fees, refunds, etc. It’s a very important document to avoid confusion of service and deliverables. Everything we do is in writing!


Most of the cameras will “expose” better if a contrast can be found. If possible, try to control the ISO and Aperture of your camera by taking photos in “manual mode”.

QuinceaÑeras and Black Dresses

Tips to Black Quinceanera dress Photography

Over the last few years I have seen an increase number of quinceañeras choosing to wear black dresses. While a great percentage of quinceañeras may love wearing black dresses, it’s safe to say it doesn’t photograph well… Black quinceañera dresses are notoriously difficult to photograph, so here are some recommendations…


tips to photograph black quinceanera dresses successfully


Shoot on brighter days

Light is, and will forever be, your best friend when shooting anything. Get the light right and you’re 80% there.

I ALWAYS recommend shooting black quinceañera dresses on brighter days; if you have a very dark, gloomy day and no light coming from anywhere, I’d say don’t bother. Very rarely will there be much you can do to “resuscitate” a dull picture of a black Quinceanera dresses  taken with little or no light. If available try to use a flash or  external camera flash even when shooting outdoors.

Extra tip: face the light source. If it’s bright but overcast, still face where the sun is – you will pick up so much more light and therefore the details of the dress will show more.


Shoot against a light background

Try to have a contrasting background. A quinceañera with a back dress looks infinitely better when the background is light. It will creates a contrast that will enhance the details of the dress.


Strike a pose!

Try to use the body, hands or flower bouquet to create a contrast. Most of the cameras will “expose” better if a contrast can be found. If possible, try to control the ISO and Aperture of your camera by taking photos in “manual mode”.  So when I say “strike a pose”, what I really mean is “create a contrast between the dress, the background and the quinceanera.


Get in closer to see detail

Most quinceanera dresses have beautiful designs details. Quinceañeras black dresses tend to photograph better with close ups, as details and textures will show up more. If the fabric is matte, then create “movement” if you can and bring in other details. Not all the photos need to be the full dress. Don’t be afraid to cut off heads or other body parts to show design details in the photos – look for the interest in the details.


Lighten shadows in post-production

Finally, if all else is lost, you can sometimes rescue your too-dark black clothes by tweaking your photos in post-production. Almost all the pictures taken by professional photographers are edited and colors are enhanced. If   you’re editing photos on a computer, I’d always recommend getting professional editing software like Adobe Lightroom.

The main thing to” tweak” are shadows: always lighten them to stop black looking like a big black hole with no highlights or texture. You often only need to lighten them a tiny amount (lighten too much and you’ll end up with a quinceanera dress  that look grey or over-washed) to make a big difference.